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The Features and Benefits Of uPVC Casement Windows

Casement double glazed windows have been one of our most popular products in recent years, in this blog post we'll look at the main features and benefits of Casement Windows, with examples of our own installations, as well as how uPVC windows compare to traditional timber windows.


Our seven top tips for a warm home this christmas

The cold, darker months are upon us. Winter is officially here and for homeowners, it's this time of year when keeping homes warm can be a challenge. We've come up with our top tips to a warm home this winter, to help you make the most of the valuable heat in your home and ensure you have a cosy Christmas.


Composite Doors VS Solid Wood Doors: What's Best for Your Home?

A well finished Solid Wood Door is a classic look for homes, and the traditional feel can add value to a property. In recent times, many homeowners have been opting to fit Composite Doors instead of traditional wooden ones. With both holding different benefits and drawbacks, take a look below at how they compare on issues that matter to homeowners.


What your front door says about you

'Never judge a book by its cover' a phrase that is ultimately difficult to follow, research by Dulux and colour psychologist Karen Hall has revealed that Brits unconsciously make an assumption about a person less than 10 seconds after seeing the colour of their front door. What's your immediate reaction when you spot a front door painted in a surprisingly bright shade?

Whether or not we realise it, the colours we choose to surround ourselves with – in clothes, cars and homes reveal a lot about us. So what does the colour of your front door say about you?


Double Glazing Versus Triple Glazing – Is It Worth It to Get That Extra Layer?

Double glazing or triple glazing? That is the question on many people's minds when they are thinking of getting their windows replaced.

Your home may be situated on a busy main road, where noise reduction would be a priority for you. Or perhaps you want to eliminate drafts and lower your heating bills? Read on for the facts and figures that will help you make an informed decision for you and your home.

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