What makes Traditional Sash Window special?

Timber sash windows have traditionally been made with vertical "mortice and tennoned" joints for hundreds of years, however joints with other materials, pose very different challenges.

Every corner on our Traditional Range of sash windows, have traditional mechanically jointed vertical joints, which along with a grained, textured, acrylic wood foil provides the perfect, authentic sash window appearance. When most people first feel the highly defined grain, they cannot believe it's not wood.

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Deep Georgian Bar and Bead for enhanced aesthetics...

Providing the deepest, most authentic internal glazing bar and georgian bar these windows look far superior to the standard plant on bars. Interlocking bars form a grille which is firmly attached to the glass surface, while the bar ends are clamped in place using patented, stainless steel Georgi clips.

Having been tested by the BBA, for 20,000 opening cucles (equivalent to 20 years usage) you can be certain that they'll stay aheared, we guarntee it. Generally other manufactures simply rely upon a double sided sticky tape or plastic (not stainless steel) clips, and never guarantee the adhesion of their georgian bars, let alone allow you to open the window using the bars to do so!

Relax, you'll be able to do just that with the vast majority of your windows (very small windows or odd designs may not have georgi clips) These deeper bars are not available in gloss finish, only white, cream or coloured, wood foil finishes.

How do they replicate wooden sash windows?

No shiny white plastic here, just beautiful wood grained sash windows. As standard, each of our unique collections, Bygone Melody, Harmony, and Symphony are made with beautiful, textured, wood grained acrylic foil, and with any RAL or Farrow and Ball colour they will look superb, especially antique cream, green or classic black frames with white sashes. 

What makes these sash windows so elegant?

Sash windows usually comprise two sliding sashes each retaining a double-glazed, sealed unit. In most cases, the window will be "split" equally in the height so the visible glass will be the same height in each unit.

Aesthetically however, it’s important to have clean vertical lines that run through the upper and lower sashes. You’ll want the bars to align and the Georgian squares to be of equal size.

Imitation or cheap windows try to mimic this detail but fail. Look closely at neighbouring houses and you’ll soon see the mishmash of glazing panes. Irrespective of which collection you chose, all Bygone sash windows can be designed to ensure sightlines align and panes within the same window are equal if specified

Can I choose a colour other than white for my sash windows?

Whilst the standard offering is white foil, cream coloured foil is also available. However, if you require something a little more special, then why not consider the contrast of black frames with white sashes, for that matter any "Farrow and Ball" or "RAL" coloured paint you wish to select.

Choosing the right installer for your home improvements...

Do remember, windows have a significant affect on the look of your property and your home will lose vastly more value than any short term savings, if you get them wrong. You’ve probably invested a substantial sum buying your property, so any improvements must enhance it, make you feel warm, secure and be long-lasting.

We are experienced installers of sash windows and the installation methods required. We will happily discuss your personal requirements, explain how shutters, architraves and curtains will be protected and answer any questions you have. We will either bring sample windows to your home or invite you to our showroom before you make any decisions. We will provide you with a written proposal for the project, so that you have a full and clear understanding of the work before it is carried out.

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To find out more about our stunning 'Traditional Range' of classic Sash Windows, to see a sample of the windows 'in real life' and to ask any questions you might have about our Traditional Range or your upcoming home improvement project, why not pop into our showroom in Camberley, Surrey, or alternatively a member of our team will be more than happy to arrange an appointment at your home where they will bring along window samples and be able to discuss your project and advise accordingly.